December 19, 2007 (Wed)

Fox 拍攝真人版電影《龍珠》,周潤發飾演龜仙人

<噴茶消息來源-The Hollywood Reporter
Chow rolls to Fox for 'Dragonball'

Chow Yun-Fat is the latest to join 20th Century Fox's live-action adaptation of "Dragonball."

Chow will play Master Roshi. He rounds out a cast that includes Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Emmy Rossum and Jamie Chung. Chow is repped by CAA.

這個消息可以吐糟的地方太多啦!「Master Roshi = 龜仙人」這個譯法本身就夠噴茶,又Master 又Roshi(老師)的算甚麼... 不過聽說這個英文譯名已經用太久了太深入民心,就像「Final Fantasy = 太空戰士」一樣,就由他留到現在了。

真是虧他們想到找周潤發來演龜仙人... 周潤發的形象總覺得跟龜仙人不太合就是。不過俺倒是很有興趣聽周潤發大喊「かめはめは」哩。

Posted by KichikuMan at 17:43 | 引用

英俊不凡的發哥穿上戲服.....OMG 囧囧囧囧囧囧囧

Posted by: Godoword at Dec 19, 18:49

期待龜殼+白鬍+墨鏡上身的發哥XD (噴

Posted by: gradi at Dec 19, 21:36



Posted by: 馮友 at Dec 20, 08:59

"Master Roshi" 乃是美國版給龜仙人的名字.

Posted by: Ed at Dec 20, 18:30

搞了半天, 連合約都還沒簽...而且他連漫畫版都沒看過, 也不想為了拍電影而去看 (攤手)

Posted by: dormcat at Dec 21, 01:35
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