November 17, 2009 (Tue)

斬魔大聖デモンベイン アル・アジフ × いのうえたくやver.


(;゚д゚) ... 天上天○?

肉肉大腿兼爆乳的アル呢... 第一眼看起來真的以為是某爆乳漫的女角。雖然不是俺那杯茶,看照片這隻的手工的確不錯,喜歡巨乳姊姊的朋友們可以留意一下。

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Posted by: waisbox at Nov 17, 05:54


要吐糟的應該是手臂的比例 .. (笑)

Posted by: 小Ray at Nov 17, 12:11


Posted by: 流河 at Nov 17, 13:02

「爆乳」「肉腿」……很有飛燕的風格 = =

Posted by: 951 at Nov 17, 13:07


Posted by: 喔吉桑 at Nov 18, 23:08

Very beautiful and sexy character image. I am very impressed with this character.

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