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五月 17, 2015

Summer bier

文章類別: Mixology — Alfred @ 12:43 pm

Mountain Goat Hightail Ale @31

Kagua Blanc @55

Tuatara Pilsner @34

Founders Centennial IPA @34

Meantime Raspberry Wheat @32

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose @32

Oy mate this is Sour! Interesting beer, refreshing, but not the regular stuff to enjoy lightly.
ToOl Sur Amarillo Sour Mashed IPA @43

三月 23, 2015

Mehr bier

文章類別: Mixology — Alfred @ 12:18 pm

Meantime Coffee Porter @30

Meantime Chocolate Porter @30

有趣,但印象及不上Coffee。Meantime 看來不錯。
9 Dragon Pale Ale @32

9 Dragon Double Happiness IPA @32

A bit too heavy and bitter on the hops, but the sweetness is very pleasant. Won’t say it is unpleasant, just a bit too overpowering on the hop for my taste.

De Molen Amarillo Imperial IPA @40

I am serious this one is, probably one of the most masculine and heroic IPA I have had. Great value!
Founders Breakfast Stout @43


二月 22, 2015

Und sagen wir bier

文章類別: Mixology — Alfred @ 9:54 pm

一時興起,喝小廠的精製啤酒。HK Brewcraft

Kagua Rouge @55

Brewfist Spaceman IPA @98

Just saw the price. Decent, deep hops, more restrained, but definitely classy. Like French wine. Interesting. But not gonna drink it as dailies.
Lost Abbey Devotion  @155

8-wired Saison Sauvin @70

8-Wired Hopwired IPA @75

很好喝!原來這個價錢… 但真的很elegant,像wine般
Brewdog Punk IPA @34 (22/2/2015)
Very elegant and flavorful hops, medium bodied, bright and vibrant. I love it. Now can’t drink the commercial beer anymore.

Zeffer Dry Apple Cider @39

Almost wine like. This cider demand respect. Crisp and vibrant acidity and nice minerality. Refreshing.
Brewdog Old World Russian Stout “Rasputin” @ 98

The name may be very very evil, but the taste is not that remarkable. Good drink and pleasing, but without much character worthy to illustrate.

十一月 25, 2014

Coffee Review

文章類別: Caffe — Alfred @ 4:06 pm

由於各種原因,喝咖啡去。Aeropress,Hario V60,Kono,Mokapot,French Press都有用。


Fresh Coffee by Landy

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Koke Espresso @ Full City
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Union Fair Trade @ Full City

Very elegant with pour over (Kono). Pleasing with Aeropress (paper), but not as revealing as the pour over. Too spicy and edgy, if not unpleasantly sour with the French Press. Very nice. Given the price, the Sidamo is better.

  • Deep Blend @ Full City +

Lacking in body and flavour for the typical Landy experience. Even with high dosage, nothing really impressive. Tried with Aeropress and pour over.

  • Mandeling/Brazil @ Full City + 

Surprising pleasing with such a budget price. Though lacking in complexity, you can’t dislike it. Still, limited result due to the quality of the bean. Fun to try though.

  • Ethiopia Operation Red Cherry Kebado Coop @ Full City (27/11/2014)

Probably the most pleasing Ethiopia I have ever tasted. Very good, although less acidic, but the body is medium-full and flavorful. Very gentle. High recommended, get it while it lasts.

  • Java Kayumas Ljen Plateau @ Full City + (4/12/2014)

A nice body body on the heavy side. Observable acidity, but at this roast level the bean character is eclipsed. Pleasing, but I am not really into Indonesian coffee.

  • Yemen Mocca Mattari @ Full City + (7/12/2014)
  • Yemen Mocca Mattari @ Full City (4/2015)

This is it. One of the best coffee I have had, and probably gonna supersede the place for Ethiopian coffee if I am going to find more like this. Yemen is the MAN. Flavorful, full body yet very elegant. Powerful but gentle. It has everything I want. Will proudly make this as my house coffee.

  • Papua New Guinea AA @ Full City + (10/12/2014) 

Decent, but nothing special. Nice acidity edge without overpowering, body is medium. Pleasant but nothing special.

  • Colombia Emerald Mountain @ Full City + (12/12/2014)

Nothing like Blue Mountain. Medium to full body, you can feel the acidity, but it is not bright nor sharp, it is there. There is a fruitiness, a sweetness, a tartness. Vibrant, playful and fruity. Overall a pleasant cup but I am not going to try it again.

  • Uganda Bugishu @ Full City + (17/12/2014)

Pleasant surprise. Clean, medium body, flavorful. Huge bargain.

  • Tanzania Bergfrieden Estate Peaberry @ Full City + (18/12/2014)

Some of the most mellow, full-bodied coffee I have tried in my life. Roast to full city and beyond, add lots of milk and just enough sugar to cut the bitterness, and you get a very cosy Christmas day. Highly recommended for mixing with milk and sugar, but maybe dull for straight up.

  • Jamaica High Mountain @ Full City + (17/12/2014)

Pretty normal Jamaican coffee. Medium body, tingling acidity, but really nothing special. Use more water and you get a typical clean Jamaican coffee. Aye.

  • Tanzania Arusha Mtei Estate @ Full City + (Late 12/2014)

Indeed pleasant, but nothing comparing to the Peaberry above. Gotta love the Tanzanian coffee.

  • Ethiopia Sidamo Wondo Haraicho @ Full City + (1/2015)

Very comforting. Soft in the mouth, very clean and elegant, medium bodied. Maybe some of the most soothing Ethiopian coffee I ever had. Recommended.

  • Tanzania AA Kilimanjaro @ Full City + (1/2015)

Interesting. Mild, more subtle flavor, enough acidity. Overall very pleasing, good enough as house coffee.

  • Sulawesi Grade 1 @ Full City + (1/2015) 

Good. Actually much more elegant than Sumatra. Interesting to try.

  • Zambia Lupili @ Full City + (1/2015)

Interesting. Masculine but elegant that demand respect. Enough acidity to impress. Good one.

  • Mexico Honey Huatusco @ Full City + (1/2015) 

Very pleasing and smooth, low acidity because of honey process? However said, Tanzania is far better.

  • Cuba Crystal Mountain @ Full City + (2/2015)

Miraculous. I am left speechless. Body is medium to full, but extremely elegant. The acidity is definitely there but mellow, or better say, completely integrated into the structure. Light caramel, oak, vanilla… almost like the finest rum. A heroic cup. From Castro with Love. Viva Cuba!

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2 @ Full City + (2/2015)  

Some of the best value you can get for daily coffee. Aye, drinking single origin/varietal as daily. Pleasant acidity, lovely medium bodied. Elegant. Enough complexity for a good experience.

  • Ethiopia Mocca Harra Grade 1 @ Full City + (2/2015)

There are acidity, but the smokiness is more dominant. Elegant, but lacking in characteristics to be a daily drink. Interesting cup. But the G2 Yirgacheffe is better. Maybe… mixing the two will be fun?

  • Rwanda Abakundakawa Cooperative @ Full City + (2/2015)

The Sin City. Body is light, smokiness, tobacco. While special, I am not really into it.

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gelena Abaya @ Full City + (2/2015) 

Typical and nice Ethiopia, though cannot find it to be special. Everything’s there though.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Koke Espresso @ Full City + (3/2015) 

Good. Everything you asked for the Ethiopian is there, plus a fullness and roundness that is most welcomed. Recommended. Just ordered another pack!

  • Ethiopia Mocca Harra Queen @ Full City + (3/2015) 

Very elegant and pleasing. A mellow Ethiopian coffee. Recommended.

  • Tanzania Songea Peaberry @ Full City + (3/2015)

Pleasant, a moderate Tanzania.

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aramo Grade 1 @ Full City + (3/2015) (3/2015)

Very smooth and soft. Quite pleasing.

  • Burundi Gasura AA @ Full City + (3/2015)

This is very good. A simply good drink. Recommended for daily.

  • Ethiopia Shakisso @ Full City + (4/2015)

This is not good. Too acidic without actual taste? Or was it an error to roast so deep? Just not okay for my use.

  • East Timor Eraulu Lauana cooperative groups @ Full City + (4/2015) 

Very smooth.

  • Nicaragua Macuelizo Nueva Segovia @ Full City (4/2015)

Peaceful. Easy to drink.
Ethiopia G2 Washed AMB @ City (5/2015)

Nice! Got to love that lemonic acidity, and pleasant, and elegant.

Indonesia Sumatra Aged Lingtong Mandheling PB  @ City (6/2015)

East Timor Eraulu Lauana Cooperative Groups @ Full City (6/2015)

Browny Coffee

Pacific Coffee Emporium

  • Costa Rica Peaberry @ Vienna/French

Interesting smokiness, though the character is diminished by the deep roast. Fun to drink with Aeropress, okay with pour over (V60).

二月 12, 2014

妳們的Live,就是宅的No Life

文章類別: 現代視覺文化研究, 思愛者言: Discourse of Love — Alfred @ 11:41 pm





二月 4, 2014

Bran Caia and others

文章類別: Wein und Zeit — Alfred @ 10:28 pm

Bran Caia 2007

Luciano Sandrone Valmaggiore 2010

十二月 25, 2013

Musar et al.

文章類別: Wein und Zeit, Mixology — Alfred @ 10:36 am


Chateau Musar 2001, 2003


Golan Heights Yardeen 2008


Chateau La Fleur Petrus 1983


Glenfiddich 12/15/18Y說實在的,Glenfiddich實在沒甚麼特別,個人真的喜歡Glenlivet遠多。

九月 1, 2013

J.F. Mugnier

文章類別: Wein und Zeit — Alfred @ 7:16 pm

Nuits Saint Georges

1er Cru Clos de la Marechale 2008

Clos des Fourches 2006



八月 26, 2013


文章類別: Wein und Zeit — Alfred @ 4:56 pm



CVNE Reserva 1998

Bruno Giacosa “Valmaggiore” Nebbiolo d’Alba 2010

喝到功架但有粗有辣,當是水來沖下食物也可以。只不過給到這個價錢也許只為Bruno Giacosa的label。

七月 23, 2013

whatever maybe.

文章類別: Wein und Zeit — Alfred @ 3:04 pm

Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese Gold Kapsel 2007


Markus Molitor Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spatlese 2005


Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr 2009

Wow. Fritz Haag貴一點是有原因的 。骨幹十分清明,力量足而不失優雅。以Auslese來說實在十分優雅。

Domaine de Pegau CdP 1998

Ch. Suduiraut 1979


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