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  • 2009-10-14 (Wed)
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I am just writing this entry showing off i got the wave account! I am so excited! But at this moment i just have one friend in wave... I already used up all 6 invitations now! Anybody want an invitation? Leave me comment, let see whether i can give out the invites!

Anyway, for those who knows or does not know about wave, let's learn more here.


Alfred 2009-10-15 (Thu) 01:55


Vincent 2009-10-27 (Tue) 18:18

Hi,if you can, could you please send me an invitation? Thank you! This is my mail: tchihchun [at] gmail [dot] com

yawoogle 2009-10-30 (Fri) 15:20

Could you send me an invitation also? Thx a lot!

Ricky 2009-12-09 (Wed) 01:42

pls join the google technology user group in HK


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